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Plate heat exchanger Plates Features

• Equally distributing flow in the whole plate
• Improving its heat transfer efficiency
• Eliminating the fouling accumulation area

Two different type of plate: D type and X type (D=H theta, X=L theta)

D theta and X theta Plates

D type                                                           X type

*Ti, 316L, 304, Hastelloy, Nickel plate availble

*Thickness: 0.5mm and 0.6mm availble.


Gasket Features

Plate heat exchanger Gasket
Details of Gasket for Gasket plate heat exchanger

Features of Gasket Used in Plate Heat Exchanger:

  • Standard roof gasket.

  • Protection groove of gasket: Gasket groove  prevent the pads from being squeezed out and prolong its service time.

  • Rubber gasket adopts latch-locked design, with observation holes for leakage.

  • The fixed and seal functions are separate, even if there are some problems in fixed functions, its seal function can still work.


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